‘Thirst’ VOD Review

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‘Thirst’ VOD Review
Stars: Hjörtur Sævar Steinason, Jens Jensson, Hulda Lind Kristinsdóttir | Written by Bjorn Leo Brynjarsson | Directed by Steinþór Hróar Steinþórsson, Gaukur Úlfars

The new and most bad-ass gay vampire Zombie splatter movie you’ll ever see… Ever! First up, the statement above is not of my making, no the statement above is lifted directly from the poster for Thirst. In my case the response is more… “What in the f**k did I just watch?!?” I mean, is this the type of movie that normally comes out of Iceland? Because if so… Sign me the hell up!

Every now and then I come across a foreign language flick that just throws me for a loop In terms of the quality and content. Films like Infernal Affairs, Brotherhood, Nightwatch and Why Don’t you Just Die. The pitch for Thirst was “adrenaline pumping vampire epic” so how the hell could I not check this one out?
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