Film Review: Fanfare (2019) by Lee Don-ku

Film Review: Fanfare (2019) by Lee Don-ku
After his first two features, the thriller “Fatal” and the drama “Entangled”, Korean director Lee Don-ku continues with a blend of both genres titled “Fanfare”. The movie already received critical acclaim and managed to entertain audiences at lat year’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival as well as Seoul Independent Film Festival, a success it truly deserves given its many qualities. The director again proves his skill at using a minimalist setting to full effect, telling a story about loyalty, betrayal and deception in a style reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” and the gangster cinema of British filmmaker Guy Ritchie.

“Fanfare” is screening at Project K – Korean Film Festival Frankfurt

It is late on Halloween Eve and the majority of bars and clubs have already closed down, when J (Im Hwa-yeong) receives a call to meet an important client. In order to pass the time, she goes into
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