Jared Leto Will Reportedly Headline A New Tron Trilogy

Jared Leto Will Reportedly Headline A New Tron Trilogy
So far, Jared Leto and big budget blockbusters haven’t been a great mix. Suicide Squad was a huge hit financially, but his Joker wasn’t particularly well received, something that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be looking to remedy. He also had a substantial role in Oliver Stone’s box office disaster Alexander and played the villain in critically acclaimed but commercially disappointing Blade Runner 2049, while the jury is still very much out on the Spumc’s Morbius.

The 48 year-old will be remaining in the studio system for at least a little longer, though, after signing on to star in Disney’s latest stab at Tron. The sci-fi franchise is a strange case, one that has a loyal and dedicated fanbase without ever really managing to win over general audiences. The 1982 original was undeniably groundbreaking but a modest financial success, and 28 years later, Legacy pulled in $400 million
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