A Christmas Carol - Jane Fae - 16411

A Christmas Carol - Jane Fae - 16411
Just how many Christmas Carols do we need? The earliest that stands out in my memory was dear old Alastair Sim, first grumping, then mugging his way through the lines with which we have all become so familiar. Fast forward to the Seventies and we have a rather less than impressive musical version with Albert Finney in the lead role. The Eighties brought us Scrooged, Bill Murray’s sociopathic rendering of the story. This was followed not long after by The Muppets Christmas Carol, perhaps the finest version yet, with Michael Caine delivering one of my favourite Scrooges.

I was tempted, at this point, to remark that those productions aspiring to the status of serious film tend to reference the Christmas Carol in their titles, as George C Scott in 1984, the less serious to go with Scrooge. Except the Muppets opted for the former. So maybe not. At any rate,
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