Pulp Fiction: Jules' 5 Best Quotes (& Vincent's 5 Best)

Pulp Fiction: Jules' 5 Best Quotes (& Vincent's 5 Best)
It’s tough to name the quintessential Tarantino movie because he’s only made a couple of missteps in a groundbreaking career. One could argue he nailed it straight away with Reservoir Dogs, or that Jackie Brown is his most mature film, or that Django Unchained is the peak of his unique, genre-driven satirical vision. But arguably the director’s most iconic work is his sophomore directorial effort, Pulp Fiction, an anthology crime film with engaging nonlinear storytelling, spot-on soundtrack choices, and a razor-sharp pitch-black comic tone.

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There are plenty of unforgettable characters in this movie, from Mia Wallace to the Gimp, but the two that make up its most memorable duo are Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega, bickering hitmen played by the perfectly matched Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta.
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