14 Times Video Games Continued the Stories of Movies (Photos)

14 Times Video Games Continued the Stories of Movies (Photos)
Video games based on movies have a long history of being terrible. But there are a few licensed games that don’t just ride the coattails of successful films, they actually expand and add to them. Here are 12 video games that picked up the torches for stories started on film.

The Thing” (1982)

John Carpenter’s 1982 horror movie finds a group of scientists trapped in an Antarctic research facility with an alien threat that takes over and imitates them. The film ends with awesome ambiguity: MacReady (Kurt Russell) and Childs (Keith David) staring each other down, neither sure if the other is actually a horrific alien in disguise. Though “The Thing” got a 2011 prequel, there was no answer to the 1982 movie’s final question on film.

The Thing” (2002)

The video game answered that question when American soldiers return to the camp to find out what happened and face off lots more aliens on the way.
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