One Day At A Time: The 10 Saddest Things About Lydia

One Day At A Time: The 10 Saddest Things About Lydia
Due to the multiple production shutdowns in 2020, One Day at a Time has been canceled for the second time after its first cancellation by Netflix. The reboot of the Norman Lear sitcom has a dedicated base of fans that campaigned for its continuation, falling in love with the commentary on modern-day issues as well as its cast of characters that features Academy Award Winner Rita Moreno as the scene-stealing Abuelita, Lydia Riera.

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The series never shies away from uncomfortable topics, joyful characters still confronting trauma, exploring sexuality, and recovering from addictions. Even Lydia has her own set of flaws that she must contend with all four seasons. With the benefit of an amazing performance by Moreno, Lydia walks a tightrope of comic relief and tragedy.
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