A Fantastic Horror Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

A Fantastic Horror Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today
After over a decade characterized by the law of diminishing returns and a couple of outright disasters, M. Night Shyamalan slowly embarked on the comeback trail. Once hailed as cinema’s latest wunderkind after rocketing into the mainstream with The Sixth Sense, which raked in over $672 million at the box office, scoring six Academy Award nominations in the process including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, it looked as though Hollywood had found its latest phenom.

However, from there things began to slide gradually downwards. Unbreakable was great, Signs was good, The Village was okay in parts, and Lady in the Water and The Happening marked a descent into disappointment, while The Last Airbender and After Earth were just awful. Things got so bad that even low budget horror Devil, which only cost $10 million to make, omitted his name from the marketing campaign completely in fear of being
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