WandaVision: What is Going on With the Beekeeper?

WandaVision: What is Going on With the Beekeeper?
This article contains WandaVision episode 2 spoilers. We have a spoiler-free review here.

There’s a disturbing moment in Marvel’s WandaVision episode 2 that breaks up the otherwise note-perfect rhythm of sitcom life. Wanda, out on the street in front of her house in the evening, spots a manhole cover being pushed aside…and a man in a beekeeper suit climbs out. He doesn’t seem too pleased that she spots him, either.

It’s a moment that we first saw in one of the recent trailers, but it didn’t make it any less unsettling when it happened onscreen in this episode. So who is WandaVision‘s mysterious Beekeeper and what could he mean for the future of our suburban MCU pals? We have a few theories…


We’ve known since the trailers that a brand new secret organization would be joining the MCU, which is why
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