‘Avengers #41’ Review

‘Avengers #41’ Review
Written by Jason Aaron | Art by Javier Garron | Published by Marvel Comics

It’s easy as a reviewer to just pick up and review books you know you will like. I’m as guilty as anyone. If I see a certain character guest starring, or a certain creator involved, I will probably pick up that book and possibly review it. Nothing wrong with that of course. Comics are there to be enjoyed, and everyone picks their own poison. Sometimes, though, to keep things fresh it’s worth just checking out a random book. If you enjoy it, great, you’ve expanded your reading pull list. You don’t enjoy, no harm no foul. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for the books you do like. I literally chose this book, Avengers #41, to review at random. Of late, the books I would willingly read every month from Marvel are a small,
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