Stay-At-Home Seven: January 25 to 29 by Amber Wilkinson

Stay-At-Home Seven: January 25 to 29 by Amber Wilkinson
The White Tiger Photo: Netflix

The White Crow, BBC iPlayer, until February 22

Oleg Ivenko is a dancer by trade and in his first film role, he has the sort of graceful general comportment that only a real ballet dancer could pull off, which adds to the believability of the film. It is also great to see Ralph Fiennes, who also directs, in a mousy role for a change after all his Lord Voldemort intensity. The story of the early life of Rudolf Nureyev unfolds across a fractured triple time period structure. While these may oversell his impoverished childhood a little, the period when the dancer was in Paris, with its technicolor-bright colour palette, is immersive and Fiennes generates plenty of climactic tension, even though we all know how the dancer's defection went. Read our full review.

The White Tiger, Netflix

It's a good week for streaming films about anomalous animals,
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