Short Film Review: Inhalation (2010) by Edmund Yeo

Short Film Review: Inhalation (2010) by Edmund Yeo
In 2010, Malaysian filmmaker Edmund Yeo directed two features, “Inhalation” and “Exhalation”, which can be considered as two stories complimenting each other. While especially both of them tackle global themes, such as economic immigration and the chasm between rural and urban life, they also deal with life and death, as the titles seems to already suggest. The first of the pair, “Inhalation”, was screened at Busan International Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Asian Short, and through its story of two people and their troubled relationship, deals with inevitability and coincidence as defining factors in our lives.

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After years of working at a pig farm and also at the nearby meat market, Mei (Susan Lee) has finally had enough and has decided to try her luck overseas in Japan. Since she does not have enough money for the trip, she asks her boyfriend Seng (Ernest Chong) for support,
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