Walker Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Don't Fence Me In

Walker Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Don't Fence Me In
Poor Cordell continued to seek some degree of normalcy in his life.

But the ground kept shifting under his feet on Walker Season 1 Episode 4.

This was the episode in which Emily's ghost haunted Walker the least. 

But Abilene complaining about Bonham's snoring resonated with him because Emily used to snore, and Walker broke down.

Cordell was having a rocky time reintegrating himself into his children's and family's lives at home and the Rangers at work.

But Walker wasn't the only one making transitions.

His partner Micki was feeling the pressure of being "the only," as in "the only Latina" Texas Ranger, surrounded largely by white men of various ages.

So the last thing she wanted was to be made the poster girl for progressiveness among the Rangers. But that's exactly what Captain James, who had to be the only black commander in the Rangers, did to her.

He meant well.
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