Film Review: Bipolar (2021) by Queena Li

Film Review: Bipolar (2021) by Queena Li
Leah Dou navigates through Tibet in a journey of liminal boundaries, between dreams and the past, in a fable of a psychedelic touch.

Bipolar is screening at International Film Festival Rotterdam

A young woman in a phone booth and an inaudible conversation that seems to go nowhere. The news bring pain, the body starts to shiver. As she cringes, the memories take over the picture. A shadow drifting underwater of the shimmering monochromes of a swimming pool. That’s the protagonist (Leah Dou in a seemingly autobiographical role), captured between liminal boundaries, these of dreams, traumas, and reality. She’s just about to go on a life-changing pilgrimage. Starting in Lhasa, Tibet, with a vague plan in her hand, she hops onto a car to reconcile with her past. Every road-movie needs a companion, a buddy to lean on. Here? An ambiguous, supposedly holy lobster that tinkles with psychedelic liquid.
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