Film Review: Journey from the Fall (2006) by Han Tram

Film Review: Journey from the Fall (2006) by Han Tram
The issue of the Vietnamese boat people, refugees who fled Vietnam by boat and ship following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, and the subsequent humanitarian crisis their massive exodus resulted, is one of the most shocking and significant events of the previous century, with Ann Hui having already presented their plights masterfully in the homonymous movie. Han Tram presents his take through an approach that follows his protagonists until their arrival to America, where they have to face a whole other set of issues. Han Tram wrote, directed and edited “Journey from the Fall” in an effort that was entirely financed by the Vietnamese American community and was released to sold-out screenings in the country before winning a number of awards in festivals all over the world, including the Grand Jury Prize at the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

The narrative is split in two parts,
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