Power Rangers: Who Are The Morphin Masters?

Power Rangers: Who Are The Morphin Masters?
Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Power Rangers Dino Fury premiere.

The premiere of Power Rangers Dino Fury was rolling along at an even pace. Characters were being introduced, backstory was set up, and we got a cool fight! Then everything slowed down and Zayto let us in the backstory of the Dino Fury powers. That exposition dump sent Power Rangers fans minds Ablaze. So much lore! An unheard of team of Rangers? They were given powers by… The Morphin Masters?

If you aren’t knee deep in Power Rangers lore you might be left scratching your head. Who are the Morphin Masters? (Or is it Morphing Masters?) Why are they such a big deal? Are they new to Dino Fury? They seem pretty important! Well they are… but for a long time they weren’t.

You see, the Morphin Masters were introduced Wayyyyy back in the seventh episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,
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