‘Punky Brewster’ Review: A Cute Cast Sells Predictable Shenanigans

‘Punky Brewster’ Review: A Cute Cast Sells Predictable Shenanigans
In 1984 audiences were enchanted by the bright- eyed — and quirkily named — Punky Brewster. Abandoned by her parents, the original NBC iteration of “Punky Brewster” followed the titular character, played with charm by Soleil Moon Frye, as she and her dog lived life with her foster dad, the crotchety but loving Henry (George Gaynes).

The original “Punky Brewster” ran for just four seasons with an abrupt cancellation in 1988. Though popular in the way most nostalgic 1980s series are today, the show never sustained a massive following like “Full House,” sticking in audiences’ minds more for its memorable title and bonkers “very special episodes,” including one about the dangers of being locked in a refrigerator. That being said, the series did connect with fans who had been through the foster system, remaining one of the only sitcoms to discuss foster care.

That being said, there is a question of just what audience
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