‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK 2×07’ Review

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK 2×07’ Review
In last weeks episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, we saw the elimination of Tia Kofi who was known for her camp outfits but also shows how Bimini is excelling in both the completion and in real life.

The mini-challenge this week was the classic ‘Reading Challenge’ where the queens compete in an insult based, comedy challenge inspired by the cult classic film Paris is Burning. I have to admit that this whole trope of queens walking up saying “Oh no… No never, I’m too kind” and then switching to be an intense and aggressive character normally with something along the lines of “Let’s Go” has because somewhat overused throughout the Drag Race franchise. All the seasons of Drag Race (including the UK version) have this reading challenge and so many queens do this same performance to start the challenge which has become somewhat tiresome. This season
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