How Robin Wright Began ‘Compiling Confidence’ to Direct ‘Land’ (Video)

How Robin Wright Began ‘Compiling Confidence’ to Direct ‘Land’ (Video)
Having completed her debut film “Land,” Robin Wright said it wasn’t until very recently that she actually found confidence as a director.

Wright had previously helmed a few episodes of her Netflix series “House of Cards,” which she compared to a “mini cinema school” that allowed her to learn on the job. That, coupled with her decades of experience as an actress, made her finally feel ready to step behind the camera for her first feature film.

“I didn’t think I could do it. And then the years go by and you start imagining yourself being in that seat,” Wright told TheWrap’s Steve Pond on Friday. “You just start compiling confidence. When I was on ‘House of Cards,’ that was a real gift because I said I think I’m ready to do it, and the crew and production encouraged me to do it. And there were
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