Mads Mikkelsen Talks About the Dancing Scene in ‘Another Round’

Mads Mikkelsen Talks About the Dancing Scene in ‘Another Round’
After the Oscar-nominated “The Hunt” (2012), writer-director Thomas Vinterberg reunites with actor Mads Mikkelsen for “Another Round,” an Oscar contender in multiple categories, including international film. Mikkelsen is a potential first-time Oscar nominee as a man who experiments with three friends to see if they will function better by increasing their blood alcohol level. At one point, his character, Martin, breaks out into a spontaneous dance.

The dance scene is surprisingly effective and surprisingly complex.

It was a strange challenge. I had a former career as a dancer, and Thomas wanted that to be part of the film —but it was 30 years ago! Thomas wanted the scene to be ambivalent, to see a man who wants to fly and wants to fall at the same time. I was reluctant; I was afraid it could be pretentious in a film that’s so realistic. I eventually realized Thomas was right; dance was perfect for that.
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