Berlinale Review: Ramon and Silvan Zürcher's "The Girl and the Spider"

Berlinale Review: Ramon and Silvan Zürcher's
Perhaps the highest compliment I can offer Swiss brothers Ramon and Silvan Zürcher is that while watching their first film, the precocious The Strange Little Cat (2013), and their much-anticipated second, The Girl and the Spider, my imagination ping-pongs around myriad other kinds of movies the duo could make. A spy film? Adapting La princesse de Clèves? A sports drama? An episode of Bridgerton? The mind-boggles. This is because these two movies, the first set in one apartment and the second—which is premiering at Berlin in the Encounters competition—ambitiously set in two, are exquisitely compact pinball machines of characters entering and leaving each frame, each room, each scene, and adding to and changing the movie at each occurrence, deepening the story’s mystery. Theirs is a cinema that refreshes moment to moment as person A talks to person B, a conversation we soon realize is being witnessed by person C,
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