Link Tank: The Best Revenge Movies of All Time

Link Tank: The Best Revenge Movies of All Time
From 1941’s The Lady Eve to the Kill Bill franchise, check out 25 of the greatest revenge movies of all time.

“As Khan Noonien Singh once said, ‘revenge is a dish best served cold,’ and cinema is filled with stories where vengeance and retribution get served with chilling brutality and precision. There is a natural impulse to see one’s enemies, or even just the people who wronged us, punished for their misdeeds, or have karma visited upon them.”

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WandaVision‘s use of the sitcom formula is perfect for the story the Marvel series wanted to tell.

“Admittedly, when the first trailer for WandaVision dropped, I wasn’t sure what to make of the self-aware television sitcom angle they were going for. Sure, sitcoms are a good medium for that idyllic suburban lifestyle (and fit with the comics the series draws inspiration from), but the series
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