What If These Fake Batman Movies Happened?

What If These Fake Batman Movies Happened?
Who hasn’t dreamed of making their own Batman movie? Getting to play in the ultimate superhero toy box of Gotham City has long been the fantasy of DC comic book fans everywhere. What if Batman were to face off against vampires? What would have happened if Bruce’s parents never died and someone else became Batman? What would happen in a Batman Beyond movie? The scenarios fans have come up with for dream Batman movies are endless.

In the last few hours, Twitter has turned into a particularly fun pitch meeting for fans who want to see the Dark Knight in all kinds of bonkers big-screen situations based on other beloved franchises. If you scroll through the hashtag #BatmanAMovie right now, you’ll find an interesting mix of Bat-puns as well as a few choice illustrations that give you a better idea of what these fake flicks would look like.
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