All The True Crime Content You Should Be Watching!

All The True Crime Content You Should Be Watching!
True crime is a genre that has taken over, allowing many people who have found themselves curious by these cases have a sense of understanding.

With women being the predominant victims in these situations, watching this content allows them a sense of control.

It is almost like the more we know, the better prepared we can be.

The influx of documentaries also allows a bigger platform for certain stories that deserve to be heard. 

And sometimes, it is just about you being in the mood to sit down and watch some true crime.

These are just a few true crime options worth the watch because they are truly fascinating watches or because of the conversations that started afterward.

With many more coming this year, it felt only right to get ready by looking back at some of the most fascinating so far.

But this is only the beginning, with the
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