Film Review: Throw Down (2004) by Johnnie To

Film Review: Throw Down (2004) by Johnnie To
In the vast filmography of Johnnie To, “Throw Down” is one of the films that definitely stands out, both for its style, but also for its significance, since To considers it one of his most personal works, particularly due to the tribute elements to “Sanshiro Sugata” and Akira Kurosawa it offers, and also for kickstarting his collaboration with Louis Koo, which would benefit both notably in the next years.

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The script revolves mainly around Sze-to Bo, a nightclub owner who was a judo expert but for reasons unknown decided to give up the sport some years before, instead becoming a bitter alcoholic, a thief and a gambler with a huge dept to the mafia. Tony is a current judo champion and a very eager fighter, who wants to challenge Sze-to to a fight, thus barging into his life in the most violent fashion.
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