Film Review: White Whale (2017) by A. Uygur Ozturk

Film Review: White Whale (2017) by A. Uygur Ozturk
Movies with children protagonists have always been a vehicle for a more “tender” way of commenting on social, political and philosophical subjects and Uyghur director A. Uygur Ozturk does exactly that in “White Whale”, in a film though, that is much more than just a children’s movie.

The screening of White Whale and the subsequent conversation with the director was co-organised by Ccdc Artspace 碧波押 – Green Wave Art Platform, Anthropocene Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Department of Film Studies, King’s College London.

The story takes place in the 80s, and revolves around Ali, a young boy whose father died years ago in a ship accident. Through his mother’s reading, he discovers “Moby Dick”, and makes a subconscious connection with his father that, later on, shapes his life in ways he could have not anticipated. Alas, his mother also passes away a bit later, and Ali ends up living with his grandfather,
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