Jimmy Kimmel can’t wait for Mike Pence’s memoirs

Jimmy Kimmel can’t wait for Mike Pence’s memoirs
Remember Mike Pence? You’ll be hearing about him a lot more in the relatively near future, as the former vice president and likely 2024 presidential candidate signed a multimillion-dollar, two-book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster.

“I wonder if he knows they’re a gay couple, Simon and Schuster,” Jimmy Kimmel joked on Thursday’s episode of his eponymous talk show.

The first book will be an autobiography, and is tentatively slated for release sometime in 2023.

“A release date has not yet been announced, but the title has,” Kimmel said. “It’s going to be called ‘Ass-Kisser.’ I like it. It’s simple, it’s to the point.”

In a statement, Simon & Schuster executive Dana Canedy called Pence’s memoir “the definitive book on one of the most consequential presidencies in American history.”

“Oh, it was consequential all right!” Kimmel said in response. “I agree with that.”

Kimmel said that
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