"Jupiter's Legacy"on Netflix

The upcoming live-action superhero TV series "Jupiter's Legacy" adapts the Image Comics title, starring Jess Salgueiro, Jaime Slater and Leslie Bibb, streaming May 7, 2021 on Netflix:

'Sheldon Sampson' (Josh Duhamel), aka 'The Utopian' is the leader of superhero team 'The Union'.

"But times have changed, and he doesn't understand the polarized world we live in. Or understand his own family.

'Walter Sampson (Ben Daniels), aka 'Brain-Wave' is Sheldon’s older brother. A man of vast intellect and cunning who, unlike Sheldon, isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

'Grace Sampson' (Leslie Bibb) aka 'Lady Liberty' is Sheldon's wife and one of the most powerful heroes on the planet. She doesn't always agree with Sheldon, but strives to balance his ideals with the reality of the modern, often violent, world they live in.

'Chloe Sampson' (Elena Kampouris) is Grace and Sheldon's daughter. Rejecting everything her parents stand for,
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