Self-Reflection: Khalik Allah Discusses "Iwow: I Walk on Water"

Self-Reflection: Khalik Allah Discusses
Khalik Allah's Iwow: I Walk on Water is exclusively playing on Mubi in the UK and Ireland starting April 12, 2021.The latest work from photographer-filmmaker Khalik Allah, Iwow: I Walk on Water, is a sprawling, ambitious, 200-minute self-portrait, a transparent exploration of the author himself through the relationships he forges as an artist and a man.The film opens, aptly, with an a capella rendition of the classic hymn “Blessed Assurance”—sung by the director’s aunt—in a testament to his faith (Allah is a member of Five-Percent Nation) and the conviction that has defined his work. When we spoke last May—after Iwow had premiered at the 2020 True/False Film Festival and in the throes of a pandemic that had shaken the world—Allah pointed out the emblematic juxtaposition at the start of the film: He prays to God. Then, he muses on his dick size. “I thought [as a boy] it would keep growing forever,
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