The Best Korean Films to Watch on Netflix in 2021

The Best Korean Films to Watch on Netflix in 2021
After the runaway success of Parasite back in 2019, Korean films have finally received the recognition that they deserve. This country has been creating incredible movies for decades, yet many have remained largely undiscovered outside of their home country. If you’re willing to get out to the cinema and explore what’s on offer, then the possibilities for Korean film viewing are endless. However, if you prefer the idea of being able to experience the best of Korean cinema from your sofa then don’t panic, because Netflix has you covered. These are a handful of the best Korean films that you can watch right now, without even leaving your seat.


Pigeonholing Parasite into a category has been difficult for critics; many think that it belongs with horror movies, but others find it rather funny, in a sinister sort of way

As we’ve already mentioned the success that
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