The witching hour by Jennie Kermode

The witching hour by Jennie Kermode
Charlotte Kirk in The Reckoning

Director Neil Marshall has enjoyed an eclectic career but is probably most celebrated for his work in horror. His latest offering, The Reckoning, takes us back to that territory as it tells the story of Grace – played by Charlotte Kirk – a young woman facing persecution during the plague years, when suffering was easily blamed on witches. When I met Neil and Charlotte to discuss the film, we chatted about his work on Game Of Thrones and I asked if this film, with its period setting, had enabled him to combine two of his passions as a filmmaker.

“Yes, certainly I love period settings for things,” he says. “I suppose, you know, with Centurion as well, which is a period thing which actually paved the way for me to doing Game Of Thrones. I've always loved creating worlds and being in and being in other worlds.
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