‘Vanquish’ Review: She Shoots to Conquer

‘Vanquish’ Review: She Shoots to Conquer
Early on in “Vanquish,” Ruby Rose as Morgan Freeman’s improbable housekeeper is very awkwardly chopping some vegetable — the awkwardness providing a rare plausible moment, as Rose seems an even less likely maker-of-dinner than she does slayer-of-many-criminal-goons. If she’d kept slicing that carrot or whatever for the remaining 90 minutes here, the results would have been approximately as exciting as the high-body-count action occupying most of veteran writer-director George Gallo’s feature.

Vanquish” isn’t bad so much as inert — nothing here is convincing, tense, kinetic, outrageous, or silly enough to give the movie even fleeting life. The script is so by-the-numbers, the performers can hardly hide their disinterest, a feeling soon to be shared by viewers lured by the promise of these stars in a violent revenge tale. Lionsgate opens it in select theaters April 16, followed by on demand and digital release four days later.

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