‘I Am Wolf’ DVD Review

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‘I Am Wolf’ DVD Review
Stars: Kristen Vaganos, Jennifer Seward, Manon Halliburton, Carmen Anello, Chris Bylsma, Cinnamon Schultz | Written by Eric Winkler | Directed by Patrick Rea

Part werewolf movie, part female revenge flick, entertaining small town horror I Am Wolf does a decent job of genre blending, thanks to a smart script and savvy direction from Patrick Rea.

Kristen Vaganos stars as Lisa Leroux, a bespectacled university graduate who’s returned to her small home town of Northbrook in order to run the second hand book store she’s inherited from her grandmother. Unfortunately, Lisa quickly runs foul of local mean bully Jessica Huckins (Carmen Anello), who’s basically untouchable because her mother, Deb (Manon Halliburton) is the corrupt local Sheriff.

Things quickly gets worse for Lisa when she tries to report Jessica for assault and ends up getting beaten and left for dead in the forest by Deb and her deputy son, Nick (Chris Bylsma). However,
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