Synchronic Ending Makes Sci-Fi Movie a Modern Classic

Synchronic Ending Makes Sci-Fi Movie a Modern Classic
This article contains Synchronic spoilers.

“Time is the school in which we learn / Time is the fire in which we burn,” wrote poet Delmore Schwartz decades ago, and if any genre filmmakers take that couplet to heart, it’s Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. The self-contained directing/writing/producing/acting pair have made four feature films to date, each of them dealing in some way with the passage of time, the volatility of memory, and the warping of both.

Their fourth feature, last year’s Synchronic—which makes its Netflix debut this week—is the duo’s most mature, fully developed, and coherent film yet, while also their most polished and accessible in a mainstream sense. It continues the filmmakers’ exploration of the themes they’ve touched on before, but adds a new dimension in terms of the way the story’s main character responds to the choices placed in
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