15 Seconds: Marlo Kelly

15 Seconds: Marlo Kelly
Marlo Kelly has appeared in USA Network’s ‘Dare Me’, played the titular character in Aacta-nominated web series ‘Patricia Moore’ and starred as Skye Peters in ‘Home and Away’.

The biggest issue facing the Australian film or TV industry is: There’s a general fear to take risks, especially for independent creatives, due to a lack of support and funding. As a result we see a huge investment in reality TV programs and reliance on known formulas.

Best movie quote of all time: I don’t think that’s my call to make but I’m certain whatever Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation was a real zinger.

Do you Google yourself? Sometimes! I think it’s pretty natural to be concerned about the way you’re being represented online. But in saying that I actively try not to and to recognise that
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