Lois Patiño Introduces His Film "Red Moon Tide"

Lois Patiño Introduces His Film
Lois Patiño's Red Moon Tide is exclusively showing on Mubi starting April 20, 2021 in the series The New Auteurs.It's already been almost a year and a half since the premiere of Red Moon Tide at the Berlinale Forum in 2020. It was a completely different world then, and also so different for the way we experience films and for the film festivals. Our film had five screenings in Berlin in theatres with sold out crowds. Imagine now. Theatres of 300 people completely full! What a dream!For contemplative films like this one, where the duration and size of the image has a crucial value, as we are exploring how much truth we can find in Bachelard´s sentence: “the immobility irradiates,” the experience of the theatre was very important. Even if nowadays, thanks to platforms like Mubi, we are learning a new and more patient behavior with the images at home,
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