Naruto: The Konoha 11 And Their Arrowverse Counterparts

Naruto: The Konoha 11 And Their Arrowverse Counterparts
When a group of fictional young people go out of their way every week to learn new skills and save their hometown from threats, they're heroes. If they wear masks, they're vigilantes. The young heroes of the Naruto franchise might not be vigilantes, but they have a lot in common with those of the CW's superheroes that make up the Arrowverse.

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In the world of Naruto, young people with seemingly magical skills train to be shinobi, or ninjas, to protect their homes. It's a way of life, not a secret to be hidden away. In the Arrowverse, which began with the series Arrow and continues most recently in the addition of Superman & Lois to the lineup, identities and superpowers are kept secret from the general public, but they do the same job. The heroes of the two franchises have a lot of common ground.
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