Every Game of Thrones Spinoff and Prequel in Development

Every Game of Thrones Spinoff and Prequel in Development
People always say the journey is more important than the destination, but don’t tell that to Game of Thrones fans. After a historic, zeitgeist-capturing run on HBO, Game of Thrones culminated in a divisive, rushed eighth season that left both fans and critics cold on the whole endeavor. This came after a 2012 poll conducted by Vulture that named Game of Thrones fans as the most devoted fanbase in popular culture. Despite all of this once noteworthy love and admiration, the impact left today from Game of Thrones feels almost like a fever dream.

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However, television executives couldn’t ignore the broad, active international fanbase that the series attracted, and before season 8 could sour the taste of the Game of Thrones brand, HBO began hatching ideas for spinoffs,
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