Rewind: ‘Resident Evil VII’ Review

Rewind: ‘Resident Evil VII’ Review
With Resident Evil Village about to release, it’s more important than ever to revisit Resident Evil 7 because Ethan’s story is set to continue to Village and potentially come to a final conclusion if the foreboding line from the first trailer, “His story comes to a close”, doesn’t end up being something to throw us off track…

Let’s go back to early 2017. At the time, Resident Evil was losing a lot of love from its fans and critics. It may have been doing just fine when it came to sales but many of us were longing for a return to horror after the action heavy Resident Evil 5 and the melodramatic and also action orientated Resident Evil 6. And this is where Resident Evil 7 enters which was a most welcome return to form that is not only a great Resident Evil game but a brilliant survival horror game all on its own.
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