Media Companies Scramble to Build a Better Bundle (Column)

Media Companies Scramble to Build a Better Bundle (Column)
Even in a TV landscape strewn with new streaming services, media is still all about the bundle.

The rise of mighty new platforms bolstered with high-wattage content has been heralded as evidence of the great un-bundling in the pay-tv sector, a trend that does not bode well for Hollywood’s balance sheets. But as the TV marketplace has expanded over the past year, most of the major players are focused on using their marquee content to assemble their own proprietary bundles.

Disney, ViacomCBS, Discovery and Comcast are all focused on stitching together a patchwork quilt of platform options to draw as many greenbacks as possible out of consumers on a monthly basis. Netflix, of course, remains a major exception.

AT&T CEO John Stankey sounded downright giddy on the company’s first quarter earnings call Thursday as he talked up the growth that HBO Max has seen since debuting late last May.
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