‘Blade Runner: Origins #3’ Review

‘Blade Runner: Origins #3’ Review
Written by K Perkins, Mellow Brown | Art by Fernando Dagnino | Published by Titan Comics

In just 2 issues this book has really made its mark. The idea of filling in gaps in continuity is always a great idea, and great fan service of course, but quite often it creates more mess than it fixes. There’s always some eagle eyed fan who spots something askew. With this Blade Runner book, which is actually pre-Blade Runner of course, Perkins and Brown are cleverly sticking to any established frames of reference already established, but also creating a story that slots in perfectly. If you slotted this storyline in with the films and the other comic book series you have a seamless timeline that works. Well, at least until that eagle eyed fan proves me wrong of course.

So, last issue ended with a flaming hovercar wreck, after a Nexus-5 Replicant brought it crashing to Earth,
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