The 25 Biggest Movies of All Time at the Box Office

The 25 Biggest Movies of All Time at the Box Office
Movies are a unique art form. Yes, especially these days, anyone can make a movie with few resources. But movies truly require an audience to work effectively. And to get an audience, a movie has to be commercially viable. Thus, it is a medium that works at the intersection of art and entertainment. And those two roads meet at the box office, where a movie's success or failure, at least in terms of one important metric, can be determined.

Success at the box office is all relative. Paranormal Activity remains one the most profitable movies in history because it was made for mere thousands. But with this list, we're here to look at the biggest of the big. The titans of entertainment when it comes to putting meat in seats and raking in billions around the world. From Spider-Man to Endgame and from Lord of the Rings to Avatar, here
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