Valentyn Vasyanovych Introduces His Film "Atlantis"

Valentyn Vasyanovych Introduces His Film
Valentyn Vasyanovych's Atlantis is exclusively showing on Mubi starting May 4, 2021 in many countries in the series Viewfinder.By 2017, the conflict with Russia in the Ukrainian territory had lasted for almost three years. My colleagues had shot several feature films about the conflict, mostly genre pieces. I also understood that this war was the most relevant topic and that I had to film it. When I started writing the script, I realized that I could not distance myself from the traditional dramatic structures. Nor from the set of characters with the protagonist being a friend and the antagonist being the enemy. My film turned out to be a standard military drama, no different from the films that have already been made. At some point, I came across information about the catastrophic deterioration of the water quality in the occupied territories; Predictions indicated that this crisis would eventually become an irreversible
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