Tenet: Is the Protagonist the Real Villain?

Tenet: Is the Protagonist the Real Villain?
This article contains Tenet spoilers.

The Protagonist might be one of the most unimaginatively named main characters of all time, but it’s worth pointing out that he is referred to as “the Protagonist,” which is notably different from being called “the Hero.”

Of course it’s not hard to argue he’s a good guy who does good guy things. He is fighting against a gangster who regularly kills people and has trapped his wife in an abusive marriage. He saved all those unconscious hostages from those bombs. His goal is stated, multiple and explicit times, to be saving the world. That makes him a good guy, right?

His goal, ultimately, is to prevent the assembly of the “Algorithm,” which a future adversary will use to invert the flow of time, wiping out the past and potentially destroying all existence in the process. It’s complicated, as we’ve covered before,
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