‘The Djinn’ Review: Be Careful What You Wish For

‘The Djinn’ Review: Be Careful What You Wish For
Woe betide the grade-school-age lad who finds himself in a movie by writing-directing duo David Charbonier and Justin Powell: He may survive their plotlines, but it won’t be pretty. Their official first feature, “The Boy Behind the Door” (which will debut on streaming platform Shudder July 29) found two such kids fighting for their lives after being abducted by a stranger. In the new, more supernaturally tilted “The Djinn,” they’ve crafted another effective suspense exercise from the same basic premise, trapping a juvenile protagonist in a home with a malevolent nemesis.

. IFC Midnight is opening the feature in limited theaters as well as launching on digital and VOD platforms May 14.

Set in 1989 for no obvious reason beyond justifying the generic retro dreariness of the interior setting (or perhaps the vintage-synth aspects of Matthew James’ score), the movie opens with our first among many successively revealing glimpses of the
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