‘Star Wars #13’ Review (Marvel Comics)

‘Star Wars #13’ Review (Marvel Comics)
Written by Charles Soule | Art by Ramon Rosanas | Published by Marvel Comics

Every time I pick up a Star Wars book, it makes me wonder why I’m not picking up more Star Wars books. I always enjoy them when I read them, but for whatever reason they are never top of the pile. Maybe that’s why Marvel have launched their ‘War of the Bounty Hunters’ event, with big banners across the covers catching the eye. Caught mine, so kudos to the cover design people. I always think part of the fun with Star Wars is the constant attempt to fill in continuity gaps, to flesh out minor characters with a back story, and to nail down timelines and the geography of an entire galaxy. When this has to be done across film, TV, animation, comics, books, even audio adaptations, that’s a whole lot of adventuring going on.
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