Short Film Review: Halka Pagla (2009) by Sohel Afgani Rana

Short Film Review: Halka Pagla (2009) by Sohel Afgani Rana
by Nafis Shahriar

Bangladeshi cinema lacks options and diversity – across its many forms. Even art films often fall under the genre of poverty porn. For those out of the know, ‘poverty porn’ is a pejorative used to describe productions that generally reduce third world countries into poverty-stricken sinkholes. While this is in line with the many of the organizations that fund these ventures, it is a reductive approach to regional cinema. It is a way which is not interested in being honest and probing into the center of the human experience. It also isn’t interested in the cultural identity and general zeitgeist of the region, something that has been done in spades in the far east. While industries in Japan and China has prospered, industries in a country in Bangladesh are falling apart.

This lack of diversity is more prominent in the mainstream industry, where the products just need
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