Film Review: The Secret (1979) by Ann Hui

Film Review: The Secret (1979) by Ann Hui
Amongst a group of films – such as Yim Ho’s “The Extras” and Alex Cheung’s “Cops and Robbers” – that ushered in the Hong Kong New Wave, “The Secret” is the debut feature by veteran and prolific directress Ann Hui. Like many of her fellow directors of the New wave Movement, she received her film education abroad, at the London Film School, after a degree in English and Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong and she proceeded in working briefly as an assistant to the director King Hu and then making television films for Radio Television Hong Kong (Rthk) and Television Broadcasts Limited (Tvb). Her experience with local broadcasting corporations mixed with her European film studies resulted in an accomplished and excitingly fresh piece of work.

In the opening credits a Taoist funeral ritual is being performed and we are thrown immediately into a mood of superstition and death.
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