‘The Devil Below’ DVD Review

‘The Devil Below’ DVD Review
Stars: Will Patton, Adan Canto, Jonathan Sadowski, Alicia Sanz, Chinaza Uche, Zach Avery, Jesse Latourette, William Mark McCullough, Alpha Trivette, Tom Proctor, Nathan Phillips | Written by Stefan Jaworski, Eric Scherbarth | Directed by Bradley Parker

The Devil Below is visual effects expert Bradley Parker’s second film as a director, his first was Chernobyl Diaries back in 2012. This time he takes us to Shookum Hills, the film’s original title, an abandoned town in Appalachia where inhabitants vanished and the coal mines have been burning for decades. Is it a hill country Silent Hill, or something more sinister?

Paul and his son work for the Shookum Hills Mining Company. As they’re leaving the ground opens up and something grabs the boy and drags him down. Injured, Paul can only lay there helplessly and listen to his screams. In the present day Ariana is making final preparations for her trip. She
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