Is James Bond Better Off Without Daniel Craig?

Is James Bond Better Off Without Daniel Craig?
Daniel Craig's appointment as the new 007 in October 2005 was met with much hesitancy. Until then, all other actors to play the character were of a very similar profile; white, slim with dark brown hair. However, Craig challenged this model, having blonde hair and being considerably more stocky than previous iterations of the character.

Daniel Craig quickly proved doubters wrong when his debut outing as Bond proved to be one of the greatest entries in the franchise. Casino Royale blew fans away with a more rough-and-ready, loose canon, style of character. The film drew from the Jason Bourne franchise, where large action set-pieces and cold-blooded kills were interwoven with a deep and meaningful storyline and intriguing character development.

This style of film was continued, with 2008's Quantum of Solace attempting to duplicate the spectacle of Craig's first appearance, whilst also dealing with the fallout of the origin-focussed movie's storyline. However,
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